Use Caution To Avoid Counterfeit PANDORA Retailers


Don’t Get Scammed by Counterfeit PANDORA Retailers

Today, PANDORA jewelry is sold in more than 100 countries on six continents and, like many other global brands, we face the challenge of counterfeiters attempting to violate our products, our brand, as well as our PANDORA Store at Mall of America online identity. It is illegal to sell counterfeit (fake) products. However, fraudulent counterfeiters continually attempt to exploit the PANDORA brand and benefit from the fame and worldwide success we have achieved.

Did you know PANDORA and its authorized retailers have the same manufacturer retail price across the United States?  Retailers do not discount their products except for PANDORA Corporate approved promotions (you can sign up for notification of these promotions in the footer of our homepage at  If you see PANDORA jewelry online that is deeply discounted or at prices that seem too good to be true, then most likely they are not authentic PANDORA pieces.   We have heard many unfortunate stories of shoppers hoping to get a good deal who ended up with very poor looking knock off charms and some who never event received any product after submitting their order online.

While many fake websites might contain PANDORA logos, images and product pictures stolen from other authentic websites, be sure to closely review their contact info, FAQ’s, and terms & conditions. Often fake sites are apparent with poor writing and incomplete or copycat details that clearly show they are not a reputable retailer. Call the phone number to make sure you will get service if needed. Also, shipping should be reasonable by U.S. Mail or UPS, anything taking weeks to get to you via China or overseas is not going to be real PANDORA from our manufacturing facilities in Gemopolis, Thailand. Authentic PANDORA retailers are only authorized to ship products within their country of business.

While the PANDORA Brand Protection team works diligently to shut down these counterfeit companies selling counterfeit products, this takes time and legal attention.

We have created a list of websites trying to pass themselves off as authentic PANDORA retailers in an effort to inform you NOT to make purchases at these sites if you seek authentic PANDORA products, the warranty and the service you get when you shop at an authentic PANDORA online retailer. This list is incomplete as new online websites show up nearly every day trying to scam shoppers with good deals.  Remember, all authentic retailers can be found online at  The list of Authorized ONLINE Retailers can be found at

This counterfeit website is using old campaign imagery, promoting an event that took place in 2016, and is using an edited version of the URL for Look for the flags, you will find several.

There are counterfeit sites trying to present themselves as our own site.
Such as  –  Simply by adding the “us” between BeCharming & .com you are being directed to a different website that is trying to fool and scam customers. They are NOT an authorized PANDORA retailer and it is not affiliated with our website

Other Known Counterfeit Sites:

As you can see, it is an arduous task to keep up with all the new sites that pop up constantly.  Please be cautious!

If you discover web sites,  auctions sites, web pages, bazaars, retail shops or adverts in magazines, leaflets or newspapers appearing to be selling counterfeit PANDORA products, please report the link and details in English to the PANDORA Brand Protection team at  You can also add them in your comments below to help others avoid the frustration of not receiving authentic PANDORA jewelry.

You can bookmark in your browser favorites so you can easily and confidently shop at one of the top-rated, verified, authentic online PANDORA retailers.

If you have concerns that PANDORA products you have purchased or received as gifts may not be authentic, you can visit our blog post How to Tell if PANDORA Jewelry is Real or stop by our PANDORA Stores at Mall of America, Rosedale Center or Ridgedale Center to seek the advice of one of our PANDORA Stylists.